What you should know as a Dentist

Germany welcomes also dentists. Theforeign dentists can move to Germany for working goals or even studying and get specialist dentist. The average starting saleries for dentists in

working are for example are oral and maxillofacial medicine at institutes of higher education. Their expected tasks in Germany are cheking the dental status of the patients, deagnse dental deases of the teeth, mouth and jaw.

aGermany is 4200 Euros per month and it increases surely after more working experiences. The dentist in Germany work usually at the dental practices and dental clinics. The available fields of

Germany is one the pioneers in producing the dental equipments, which are highly qualitive and cheap, which makes from Germany a paradise for dentists.

What steps are going to face?

The steps that a foreign dentist must make to immigrate to Germany are very clse to the immigration path of the physicians. You should notic that you need to finish your education in your home country. Then you let your qualifications transleted in German lanuage.

Afer you got the translation of your qualifications, you start a long procedure which is recognation of the qualificaions. All the dentists who have studied out of EU should do the recognation procedure. Through this recognation it will be cleared, wether your studies are accepted in Germany or not. If the answer is no, then you should take some practical ond theoritical courses which take about 6 months.

After ending theses fundamental courses and passing the exams, you receive the working premission and can start working as a dentist at any dental practices around Germany.

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