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Medical Practitioners

What you should know as a Doctor

Doctors from non EU countries can apply for job offers in Germany. Working as a doctor inGermany is at the moment very demanding, as Germany needs now more than 10,000 doctors.

Germany, but any kind of medical specialist are also missing here.​ The doctors in Germany can work in the practices, clinics, hospitals, medical laboratories and rehabilitation centers.

The rules of the working immigration are getting easier and the government tries to make this path to Germany better for the foreign doctors. Not only general pactiotioners are needed now days in

There are defenitally some requirements to come to Germany as a doctor, for example the doctors must have finished their educations in their home countries and also learn German language.

What steps are going to face?

As mentioned above, one of the most important conditions are to be graduated in a medicine field in your home country. The other important requirement is to learn German language to the B2 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in your country. So you should forget about moving to Germany as a medical practitioner without German language skills.

After passing these two stages, you should select a city and a state, you wish work in. It must be considered due to several factors such as the recognation requirements, the duration of the recognatin procedure, how many people are needed in your field of working in that city and many other aspects. Then you need to get your medical qualifications recognized, of course if have studied in a non EU country.

After receiving the resut of the reognation of your qualifications, you should apply for a visa. After getting visa, a new window of life opens at you. You need to take a 6-month course to improve your Germanlanguage skills to the C1 level and also improve your scientific knowledge. Aftr finishing these courses and passing the exams successfull, you receive job premission and are allowed to work as a doctor in Germany.

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