What you should know as a Pharmacist

Germany is a pioneer country in the medication production. So the maket of pharmacy is very huge and there is a big professinal variety in this market. The pharmacists in Germany usually work

chemical industry or for universities and​​ technical academies. The job conditions of pharmacy is very satisfing in Germany. The average starting salery is about 3500 euros monthly, which is really good.

at dispensing chemist’s (including at hospitals), in retail outlets selling medical products, in development and research phase within the pharmaceutical industry, for companies operating in the

Yearly graduate a lot of young pharmacists, but is is not enough and that is why the goverments has determined a very systamatic path for the foreign pharmacist to let them come to Germany.

What steps are going to face?

The main job of the pharmacists in Germany is despensing, storing, manufacturing and testing the medicines. If you have studied pharmacy out of Germany and have some years of working experience, so you are welcome in Germany as a pharmacist.

To move to Germany as apharmacist you need to make some steps, such as learning German language to the B2 level in your home country, have your qualifications recognized in Germany and after entering in Germany take apart in some language and funemental courses.

The goal of these courses are to make you ready for working in the market of pharmacy. During the courses your language skills will be improved to the C1 level. After passing the exams you can start your job in the drog stores or research centers.

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