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Why Germany?

Germany land of Ideas

Germany has always been a good destination for academic experts and scienttists. Good saleries, high quality of life owing, rapid economic growth, low unemployment rate, impressive cost of living a multicultural society have made from Germany a popular destination for working immigration.

,while the qualification and the recognation procedure in some other countries may take to 2 years. The other advanteges to work in Germany as any type of medical high qualifued worker is that you can take your whole family with yourself and your children are allowed to the free of charge schoos and your

The recognation system of the academic qualifications and documents is mot as complocated as some other countries and the medical practitionrs are able to get the required qualifications and get the job premision and start to work

partner is also allowed to work full time.​ Getting the german citizenship under some condiotions after 6 to 7 years living and working in Germany is another attractive reason to work as a doctor or nurse in Germany.

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Our consultations are aware of the lastest immigration rules for medical practitioners, job offers, requirements and any other conditions that you must provide to for a successfull immigration to Germany as a doctor or as a nurse.

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